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I reported my horrible results to the makers of Juvaderm as well, and feel very fortunate to have met the right person who finally gave me the right treatment..good luck :-) READ COMMENT

No holes but if they dissolve too much too soon, you might develop a small openings in the skin.. At least in my case..find someone in you area who only does injections..I think they are the most experienced READ COMMENT

I feel for all of you! I've been dealing with this too for over 3 years..all I can say is lower your sodium intake..drink tons of water..and if you are contemplating getting the Juvaderm dissolved, make sure they do it very READ COMMENT

No no!! I'm not responding to your posts!! I totally agree with you..I was responding to a post I received from the "community manager" of this site..not sure if anyone else saw it but I felt the need to respond.. :-) READ COMMENT

I am not here to do any Doctor bashing as my husband is in the medical field as well..being a Dentist, he strives for perfection and when a patient is unhappy, he does whatever it takes to satify them..whether it be fixing something... READ COMMENT