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Is flank and upper stomach lipo needed. Inspira or high profile 400-425cc silicone implants to get the results I want?

My coordinator said I can only have flank lipo done because they are only allowed to take a percentage of fat. I think I may need upper stomach lipo to be ripped. I am a work... READ MORE

Will a slightly larger high profile implant correct my no cleavage issue?

I'm trying to decide between a 400cc and 425cc high profile implant or Inspiration? Is there a difference between HP and Inspiration or is Inspiration Natrelle's version? What... READ MORE

Do I need upper stomach lipo to make my tummy tuck super flat?

My Coordinator said that I can only receive lipo to my flanks because otherwise it will be taking too much fat. READ MORE

I am traveling to have my mommy makeover and I haven't been asked for a blood tests?

I'm traveling to Miami for my mommy makeover, just because the cost is way cheaper and the results are way better. However, I can't remember if I had blood test before I left... READ MORE

I want upper pole volume and more cleavage. Which implant type and size will give me what I want? (Photos)

I currently have 375 cc Natrelle medium profiles. I'm thinking I would like to switch to a high profile 450 cc silicone/gummy bear. But please give me any suggestions you have! READ MORE

Can you ask for a certain scar, incision type with a tummy tuck? (Photos)

I really like how low and the position of her scar. I really like her results as well, and her body types are really close . However, it looks like she got a small fleur-de-lis... READ MORE

Is it ok to take Celebrex 400 mg to help decrease swelling/inflammation for mommy makeover. Also can I take it with bromelian?

I have stenosis of my spine and my doctor had given me ten days of 400 mg celebrex to help with pain/inflammation. I've been saving for surgery as many women have said they... READ MORE

What is a reasonable price for fat grafting to breasts after new silicone gel implants are slightly rippling?

I am three weeks postop after having your revision with 500 cc silicone gel implants. I would like to find somebody that has lots of examples of their work as well with... READ MORE

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Who performed this for you? I would love to look him/her up. READ COMMENT

I thought you might be a nurse with the 12 hours shifts. Well, hopefully the night shift will be mostly uneventful. Your welcome! READ COMMENT

Looking great! Isn't it nice to look at the pictures of our previous self to see and know why you have put yourself through this. Hopefully, you don't work a super active job. If you do make sure you rest with your feet above your... READ COMMENT

Congratulations on your journey, your stomach reminds me my stomach pre-op. I am now 11 days post-op, good luck and happy healing! READ COMMENT

I have read that taking singular can help get rid or relieve the capsular contracture. READ COMMENT