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RRMommy, I honestly don't know if the separation had grown enough new skin to scab over on its own regardless of what I did, or whether letting it dry out was what allowed the scab to form. Either way, I'm sealed up so no more leaking,... READ COMMENT

I'm 4 1/2 weeks post-op and had a separation at the T junction on one side -- a pretty large hole opened up (about 1/2 in long and half as wide) about a week after surgery. I saw my PS, who prescribed antibiotic/silver cream. I've... READ COMMENT

Jd55, how did it go? We had surgery on the same day. READ COMMENT

Crashedcat, how are you doing? READ COMMENT

I had bilateral breast reduction & axilla liposuction 2 days ago. I wrote about my experience so far on this forum. Also, the older posts (e.g., October surgeries) cover a lot of important ground. Waiting for the big day is indeed... READ COMMENT