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Dr. Reish is the top doctor in the entire United States.

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Facelift Revision

7 May 2017, Created 4 months ago

Richard G. Reish, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I have verified personally over a period of 6 years of visiting the 'top' doctors across the entire United States, that this prodigy, Dr. Richard Reish, is truly the Most Skilled, Intelligent, Compassionate, Remarkable surgeon in the NATION. My damages were many, and complicated, and the result of multiple doctors who came in the picture to correct one issue, and ended up creating several new... READ MORE

Killing a Fly with an Elephant Gun: Unnecessary Body Lift and Redo - Chicago, IL

I am in Chicago and I hope that I will hear from people. 5 years ago, after a terrible divorce, I wanted a fresh start with something positive. I lifted weights for over 20 years and decided I would do a bodybuilding competition. I am (was) in excellent shape. Because I had a baby at 43, I developed a split in my abdominal muscle. I needed to fix that if I wanted to do the competition. That's... READ MORE

Too Much Skin/muscle Removed from Upper Lids - Lake Forest, IL

I am hoping someone else out there found a skilled oculoplastic surgeon who corrected the same problem I have. The cosmetic surgeon I went to did an upper lid blepharoplasty and destroyed my eye shape, which was a large almond shape by removing TOO MUCH SKIN AND MUSCLE from my upper lids. One eye is so bad I cant close it. My eyes are uneven, with saggy corners and smaller eyelids, Has... READ MORE

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Can areola pigmentation be lightened through laser? (Photo)

Had a breastlift many years ago. Part of where the areola was before is still visible. Tried hydroquinone for a few months with no noticeable difference. Can laser treatment... READ MORE

Please name some Oculoplastic Surgeons who have more experience in Blepharoplasty revisions.

I was mid treatment of a bilateral canthoplasty on one eye, and a canthopexy on the other, with some tweaks to recorrect some excess upper lid skin, an outer eye scar. I need... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Had a Skin Graft to Correct Upper Eyelid Overcorrection from Upper Lid Blepharoplasty?

The surgeon I went to took too much skin/muscle from my left eye lid. My eye shape has changed, the lid is smaller, and I can't close my left eye all the way. I blink with a... READ MORE

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I have experienced similar nightmares from physicians who manipulated me into procedures that were in their best interest and not mine. Because the Hippocratic oath is something we assume that doctors honor, we find ourselves maimed... READ COMMENT

Hi again, Did you ever see Dr. Kapadia? Two surgeons are possibilities: Dr. Mark Codner in Atlanta and Dr. Robert Weiss of the Chicago Eye Institute. Very difficult to find truthful assessments. I have experienced a lot of... READ COMMENT

Thank you again. Any positive reviews on oculoplasts for revisions would be appreciated, Thank you Foesad READ COMMENT

Thank you. Have you heard anything about Dr. John Hoenig? READ COMMENT

Thank you for responding. Geez Loueez- Who haven't I gone to?:) Many facial surgeons, who only suggest oculoplastic ps now. I went to one, who was optimistic about fixing, but I can't find much info about him. I went for a 2nd opinion... READ COMMENT