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My Abs. Are Lumpy After a Ual Liposuction

Please help! On 4/1/09 I had a power assisted, ultra assisted liposuction of my flanks and abdomen. I just thought I would look more muscular, "defined" since I am already pretty tight in that area, but instead I have a lumpy stomach! I am so depressed, I have never looked this bad in my life!!!!! I have always worked out at least 3 X's per week with weights & aerobics. Everyone... READ MORE

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Lumps After Power-assised Liposuction

I had ultra, power assisted Liposuction on April 1, 2009 . I'm 5'3" and have always been very muscular and my weight never goes above 120 lbs. I have always worked out 3... READ MORE

Will Lumpiness Go Away After PAL Lipo?

I am 6 weeks out and looked much better before the PAL Liposuction to stomach area. I still massage the area, but have cut the hours to 4 for wearing the spanx girdle (I am so... READ MORE

Is Velashape an Option for Lumps After Lipo?

I have lumps from Liposuction and I'm wondering, what are my options to fix them? Is Velashape a good choice for me? If no, please explain what would be the most helpful. I am... READ MORE

Correcting Lumps After UAV Liposuction?

Is the PS responsible for the corrective treatments (surgeries?) for lumps after UAV Liposuction? What would be the best treatment for the lumps? Should I try to get a refund... READ MORE

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Me too! Is there a support group for "lumpy, lipo stomachs?" My PS doesn't want to talk about "corrective techniques for three more mos.-six mos. post surgery". Is this too late? Has anyone sued over lumps? What are the "corrective... READ COMMENT

Me too! I would like to know if anyone has sued over these "lumps". What are the corrective surgeries and who has to pay? My stomach is so lumpy....I look deformed and am so depressed!!!! It is summer and I my BF will expect a two... READ COMMENT

Did you consider legal action? I am in the same boat! I completely understand how depressing the lumps and bumps are! I will have to wear a two piece in July and my BF is use to my tight stomach, he is going to kill me when he sees my... READ COMMENT

I agree it was the worst mistake of my life. I now have lumps in my stomach. I had a very flat, thight stomach and let my PS's nurse talk me into doing the lipo. Should I be talking to a lawyer? My PS doesn't even want to talk... READ COMMENT

I am in the same situation! I had a smooth, tight stomach and I let a nurse at the PS office talk me into "making it smaller". I am so depressed and wish I had NEVER had it done!!!!! My PS wants to wait until 6 months post op to even... READ COMMENT