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Too Much IPR - Unhappy with Front Incisor Teeth Shape and Gap - Orange County, CA

My front two teeth have been round, trapezoidal shape. Now, after 0.5mm of IPR in between, the sides of the teeth are left rounded but the center line is now ruler straight. The center line was also filed a bit jagged, and when I rub my tongue against the back of those two teeth, I find my tongue getting caught along the sharp and jagged gap. Maybe the sharp feeling will be resolved once the... READ MORE

Questions from brwn3y35

Does Ptosis Surgery Also Correct Lower Eyelid Retraction in the Same Ptotic Eye? (photo)

My concern with my ptotic eye is that I have lower eyelid retraction in that same eye, resulting in inferior scleral show. You can see considerable white of my eye showing... READ MORE

Large Crease + Continued Drooping After Asian Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair

It's been approximately 10 days since my ptosis repair with blepharoplasty. My concern is the extremely high and round crease and the worsening of the drooping. I understand... READ MORE

Combined Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair at 8 Weeks. Will There Be Improvement? (photo)

I had blepharoplasty + ptosis repair on my right eyelid 8 weeks ago. My crease is still deep and way high, and my lid still droops. Will the lid level rise over the next few... READ MORE

7 Months Post-Op Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair. Things looks worse - what are my options? (photo)

It's been 7 months since my surgery and I think I look terrible. There is no significant lift of the eyelid and sulcus appears deeper. Before surgery, I had 1mm of droop and it... READ MORE

How would one correct excess eyelid and too high crease caused by Asian eyelid surgery? (photo)

One of my eyes has a similar problem seen in the attached photos where the eyelid crease is too high and the eyelid has too much excess skin. I am wondering how it can... READ MORE

Will additional ptosis surgery make my sub brow area fuller and bring down the crease on my right eye? (photo)

I had ptosis surgery combined with Asian eyelid surgery 7 months ago but my results left me very asymmetrical. The ptosis surgery did not work since the lid level remains the... READ MORE

One year post Asian eyelid blepharoplasty and ptosis repair on right eyelid - best approach to correct poor results?

I am wondering what would be the best way to correct the problem that was caused by my failed surgery, which is a thick, unnatural appearing lid. The result of the surgery... READ MORE

Will Restylane be the best thing right now to help my eyelid asymmetry following Asian bleph? (photos)

It's been two years following my ptosis and combined eyelid surgery on my right eye and my crease was made too high. My eyelid looks thick and unnatural. I want my fold to be... READ MORE

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm currently on my last tray. I will definitely be going into refinements. I'll keep everyone posted! READ COMMENT

Thanks for the replies everyone. Currently on my last set. Doesn't like it will do much, but I will definitely be going into refinements. READ COMMENT

Barbara, thank you for the reassurance. I'm on tray 10/13, so three left to go. It's annoying how food constantly gets stuck in the gap (especially black pepper!). I'm likely going to need refinements. Megan, I did express my concern... READ COMMENT

I'm three months out from asian eyelid surgery/ptosis correction, and my eyes look just like yours! My right eye is extremely puffy. How are you doing now? READ COMMENT