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I think we are all trying to correct something that seems to be cellulite, but actually isn't...our problem is it looks worse than cellulite! Wouldn't it be great if we all lived near each other so when we went to the beach we could all... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to hear that, but I can tell you from experience-a lot of it-there is nothing that can be done for loose skin. I've had lipo more times than I like to admit and I've tried so many things to tighten the skin an the backside... READ COMMENT

I did thermage...spent $3000 for absolutly no change! Don't waste your money! Not sure what medilipo is....its so sad, but we strive to just look 'normal'. I saw this woman or girl today...who knows, but anyhow she had the most... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing in my misery and I hope you take that with a smile because you and I both understand this and feel so 'gipet' on having pretty legs. Next life definetly! READ COMMENT

I know about keep getting worse...I'm so ashamed to admit how many times I have had it done only to have it worse. (I haven't even told my husband how many times I've had it done due to embarrassment) The drs. say they can fix it, but... READ COMMENT