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My yucky stage was about 6 weeks, but I started putting some eucerin on the very tip of my nose (nostrils), between my eyebrows, the outside corners of my mouth, and along my jawline, all places I don't break out. Then I'd put the retin... READ COMMENT

This medication takes anywhere from 3 mons to a year to show visible, noticeable results. I am on my 7th month and it's cleared acne, scarring and the one fine line I had so far. I still see one to two blemishes a month and they resolve... READ COMMENT

I'm using the cream; it's week 10 (ish) and I'm down to one pimple a week...I still see a face full of wreckage but everyone says I look so much better...we are our toughest critics... READ COMMENT

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Your dermatologist has done you a great disservice! I love my retin-a, but you should start sloooooowly. With the goal of causing the least irritation to the skin, I'd suggest buffering, which is either washing and... READ COMMENT

.025...I actually really like it but I would love to fast forward to a perfect complexion...true to form, the minor break out from a couple days ago has vanished into thin air...I'm sure it'll be back next week, but whatever. My skin is... READ COMMENT