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UV Photography to Assess Sun Damage?

I grew up in a country that gets lots of sunlight, so naturally I did get plenty of sun exposure - however, I have never done any sunbathing or tanning. Recently, I was reading... READ MORE

Eyebrow scar repair options for a bald guy?

I'm a guy in his 30s, who's totally bald and I've had a scar on my eyebrow...that can probably be covered by 20 or so hairs. What are my options, since I can't use my scalp... READ MORE

What treatment recommendation for my injury scars? (photos)

I was involved in an accident and required quite a few stitches on my face, couple of decades ago. I've never had any scar revision surgery or laser treatment. The scars have... READ MORE

How many grafts do I need to fill in the eyebrow? (photos)

My right eyebrow (left in the pic) was damaged in an accident over two decades ago. Recently, I've been thinking about getting a transplant so I compared both of my eyebrows... READ MORE

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Can you please share your photos, I'm planning to get the same combo procedure for my acne scars. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Yes, I'm a male...and no I haven't read all the posts, I saw one post that talked about girls with big breasts experiencing back issues so just wanted to add my two cents. Not trying to be mean or offensive. READ COMMENT

Regarding creating a gradient/fade effect, I've heard that if the technician is patient and overlaps areas (during each treatment session), then the regrowth is not patchy - it basically results in a decrease in density. To create the... READ COMMENT

Best of Luck! Just one bit of advise to ladies. Please look into strength training for your chest & back issues (overall body strength training is even better). Trust me, it won't make you look like Arnold at all or a even buffed up.... READ COMMENT

Ok...If possible please try to get a before pic, so we can have a better idea of expected improvement. READ COMMENT