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Botox and I Are BFFs. Lansdale, PA

I am very fair-skinned and come from a long line of poorly-aging ancestors. We all look to be about 10 years older than we actually are... We wrinkle-up like raisins starting in our 20s! Anyway, I had serious "11s" which are the "angry lines" between the brows. I also had deep, deep wrinkles across my forehead - you know, the kind you see when you raise your eyebrows? ...Except mine stayed... READ MORE

I Think I Finally Found a Way to Make This Work For Me! -Philadelphia, PA

**I am using it for the anti-aging benefits - not for acne.** My skin type: I never ever had any problems with acne. Just a couple of zits here and there - hormonally-based, I believe. My skin is definitely not oily but, not necessarily "dry" either - except sometimes in the winter. I am very fair-skinned and have not aged well, despite only being in my early 30s and always wearing sunscreen.... READ MORE

Um.. is It Really Only Supposed to Last UNDER 2 Weeks? (AND I Paid $1,500!) - Bryn Mawr, PA

So, I have naturally thin lips. They basically disappear when I smile. I have always wanted fuller, more attractive lips. Also, one of my biggest problems with myself were my laugh lines! I am freshly 33 years old, exercise, don't smoke, etc... and I have horrible wrinkles. It's weird. Maybe it's just another "blessing" that comes with being fair-skinned. Ugh. Honestly, I had the laugh... READ MORE

Naturally Blonde Okay Lashes Growing More Glorious Every Day! - Pottstown, PA

I started this in the beginning of November 2012. I have been religiously using it as directed every single night. I am a natural redhead, so, as you can imagine, my lashes are very blonde - they've always been an okay length, just not anything special. At first. this stuff definitely irritated my eyes. In the morning they would burn a little bit, be a little bit itchy and the... READ MORE

Questions from annibella

Can my tattoo be *completely* removed without scarring? (photos)

I got this tattoo less than a year ago. It's along my forearm, and wraps around to my inner wrist. While it has significant sentimental value and... I actually do like it, I... READ MORE

Is it pointless to get a nose job at age 35?

I'm 35 y/o (f) and have desperately wanted a 'nose job' since I was 11. I have a flat face and my nose stands very high. Although, from the front, I am perfectly content with... READ MORE

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So, I just had mine re-filled again. The doctor told me that some people naturally metabolize the fillers more quickly. She asked me if I am a runner or if I do a lot of intense cardio. I said "Yes, every day." and she said that every... READ COMMENT

Oops, I meant that I get the Juvederm Ultra Plus. I noticed that the regular Ultra doesn't last as long. READ COMMENT

OMG - I definitely noticed the more I work out the faster I metabolize the fillers! I mentioned this to the doctor - the one I like now - and he said he had never heard of such a thing, but hey.. you and I are both proof it happens! READ COMMENT

Wow, this is totally delayed. I am so sorry... it was Dr. Daniel B Westawski in Bryn Mawr. READ COMMENT

Looks like you may be in luck... READ COMMENT