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Thankyou for your experience. Re your age..i was just joking! :) I knew it was part of your username. READ COMMENT

$575 for what size syringe...04 or .08?? this is important. Also, you mentioned (i believe it was giovanna..look super amazing if you were born in 1921! lol) you had some small lumps. And the Dr had suggested it may take 6months for... READ COMMENT

The following will help the stiffnsess. hot & cold under shower..stand with your face to the spray..3mins warm...1 min completly cold on the nose & upper this 3 min warm & 1 min cold for about 4 times..finish on cold. CASTOR... READ COMMENT

Doctor is w r o n nothing & you will heal with a scar where the hole now exists. put on lots of honey (it doesn't have to be manuka..this is expensive & not necessary) This is from near New Zealand..& very expensive as its coming... READ COMMENT

Re Line 2.. i meant to say 'you were pretty before'...'after surgery you are 'super pretty'..(NOT 'not super pretty) READ COMMENT