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Hi all I posted on here a couple of years ago regards facial exercises and there with every thing some believe and some absolutely do not...i have experimented for many years doing a variety of techniques.At the end of all... READ COMMENT

Again well said to julie 50 here, people do generally over train muscles in the gym and facially.Without ever researching what does what and how to do the routines right, and more importantly how often to do the routines....... I am... READ COMMENT

Well said innerBeauty1, lots of research is now saying saturated fats are not as evil as once thought, and you are bang on regards lowering carbs ...when needed its a brilliant way to reduce the carb overflow and lower fat storage, low... READ COMMENT

But nadia is that not like saying that when your young you can do anything and it will not show?......until you hit 40s? depends on how long you have been doing that certain bad thing...your gummy bears will catch up with you if... READ COMMENT

Hi again, growth hormone, wow, well my true feelings on the subject would be similar to saying lets open a book in 6 months time and then see what we think of growth hormones.Growth hormones and building muscles are obviously happening... READ COMMENT