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Thank you for that! I'm glad it was taken care of swiftly :) Thanks for the added info, I really appreciate it and my goodness you look breathtaking! You look like a prettier more feminine version of Megan Fox! READ COMMENT

Woo hoo, it's sooo close! You are one gorgeous person already, your eyes are so soft and your coloring is so beautiful and summery! I cannot wait to see how you look after! It sounds like you're prepared as prepared can be. Have a great... READ COMMENT

Great update, your pic looks so different to me, wow. Your face and nose are starting to really harmonize; I can really see the swelling subsiding even if you can't to the same extent. Cool! Gives me hope :) Thanks for the update! READ COMMENT

Kat you look great so far! Yippee! All of Dr. Farrior's patients look absolutely incredible, so you're in for a great week getting the cast off! Tuesday is my 1 month post op, we both have our appointments on the same day! I'll be... READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh you look unbelievable! Your result is absolutely 100% no holding back here flawless! I think I may have a bit of nose envy, ha! Congratulations hun, and if you don't mind me asking, what did the bone look like that moved out... READ COMMENT