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You should called Allergan and report it...I'm so sorry this is happening to you READ COMMENT

Thank you. I have it scheduled with a reputable plastic surgeon but I'm still nervous. What is your ethnicity? Do you think it may have gone into your blood stream? How many units did he give you? Thank you for your input. READ COMMENT

That's terrible!!! Can I ask if your body is sensitive? Do you have an allergies? What is your blood type? I'm thinking about getting Botox but I'm so scared...any input would be greatly appreciated. READ COMMENT

Hi, You look great! How did you loose your 10 lbs? I just recently had an implant exchange and now I'm wanting to shed excess pounds! Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have Blueshield but its a HMO and I was told from one of the offices I called for a consult said that its really hard to get them to approve... I don't have a contracture but a rupture. Since I got my... READ COMMENT