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LASIK in 2006 - 6.5 Years Later! - Raleigh, NC

Hi! If you're wanting to know if this is worth it down the road, the answer is yes! The only negative I have is the loss of my close-up vision. I had worn glasses for distance since the seventh grade. Slightly OCD, I was very aware of my frames in my field of vision. I would frequently look at their edges throughout the day, which caused tension / headaches. And if they didn't sit... READ MORE

Po week 12 with pics! Strong Tummy Means a Strong Back, and a Mommy Who Can Keep Up with Her Kids! - Jacksonville, FL

I'm 40 years old, 5-8', 160 pounds (under active thyroid doesn't help). I have 8 children, one c-section when the placenta separated, the rest were unmedicated , uncomplicated births. I am po day 2. I had TT with lipo to tummy, hips, inner thighs, and neck, and breast lift. I've done this to repair an abdominal split, and since I'd be knocked out and sliced and diced anyway, why not get my... READ MORE

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Breast Lift (No Implants) - What's the Risk of Losing Nipple Sensation?

I've had 3 PS consults. I understand all surgery carries risks. My last consult told me loss of nipple sensation risk is "50/50". The previous 2 consults did not give such... READ MORE

Is a Compression Garment Essential, Why, and for How Long After Tummy Tuck?

What's the evidence based rationale for a compression garment after a TT? My PS isn't having one for my B/L breast lift (anchor incision); just TT, yet I'd think the disruption... READ MORE

Please Share a General Timeframe when I'm "Out of the Woods" for Developing Certain Complications, and when I Can Begin Things?

40 yo, PO with: TT with MR, breast lift, lipo to inner thighs, hips, and tummy. Everyone is different, but generally, in a healthy, well-healing person, what's the timeframe... READ MORE

Intermittent "Bladder" Pain, Escalated to Entire Pelvis but Not Surgical Site- What is It / What to Do?

Hi! MM with large diastasis repair 12/17. LMP 1/1. Began off n on "bladder" pain. Dip stick showed slight blood, no leukocytes, though desire to pee often / pain still, so... READ MORE

2 Months PO TT, Now Sharp Pain in RUQ?

8.5 wks PO TT w/large MR. I've developed sharp, R side pain. R and above navel, radiates up to ribs, but is sharp and localized. Feels like muscular. I can't palpate anything /... READ MORE

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Compression Garments - what's your opinion? Any research??

I read an article from a PS (on this site), where she stated we shouldn't be wearing them! Her rationale was sound, though it's obvious this is the equivalent of "new... READ MORE

Anyone exp strange, intra-pelvic pain after TT??

I'm hoping I'm not alone, and this is "normal". I keep having off n on pain. It feels like bladder pain, and I'll want to pee more to relieve it, but it doesn't help.  I... READ MORE

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Good luck at the party! :) You look fantastic! READ COMMENT

Lol! I love my vacuum lines too :) READ COMMENT

Lol! Like you, I'm thrilled to see my lady bits without needing to bend forward or lift the pouch out of the way! :D I'm so glad you did this for you!!! With that split, the more you work out or do crunches, the bigger your belly... READ COMMENT

Girl, you look great!!! :) And what a testimony! You've worked hard to get here! :) Yes, the swelling kicks in when you're more active. Not fair, I know :/ What are you using for support? I'm comfortable with the binder, but the... READ COMMENT

Everytime I post pics, they appear in the thumbnails correctly, but after I post them, they're sideways. Maybe I'm just slightly off. ;) READ COMMENT