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Can I Remove my Tattoo 100%? (photo)

I made a mistake by going to tattoo artist who did not do exactly what i wanted and some days after i regret so badly what i did and could not sleep 2 nights. It is fresh, 1... READ MORE

My Tattoo Does Not Fade?

I had it done some 2 months ago... So it is fresh and black on my upper back and size is kind a 5x5 cm. So i went to laser threatment 1 month ago and i had my first threatment.... READ MORE

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Well, your story seems kinda familiar. I had same deal... Artist is good and everyone thinks he is good and he has amazing artworks but he did some things wrong and the picture doesent seem right and it annoyis me... but i find it good... READ COMMENT

Well i did enjoy my hoildays but yeah, I thought about cover up to... But i made my self promis that i wont toutch it after i really feel like i dont want to do it anymore and for sure i go with it one year and if it doesent show me... READ COMMENT

Hey blackberry =) ... Had my third session, well, waiting and i dont see much difference =( but maby it is because i check it daily =D Tattoo artist told it started to go slowly... But, i was not confident till i saw this http://www... READ COMMENT

Eventually it will be gone :D or it will be shadow... But actually this shadow is cool to :D its like hiden tattoo or something :) and eventually this shadow will be gone to . READ COMMENT

Nop, just black but it was really dark black... Now if i watch it with eye, it is still black but if i take photo, it is gray or even blue, before threatments if i took a photo, it was such scairy black even at photos... =D It shows... READ COMMENT