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Consultation review: Just traumatic. Incredibly arrogant and uncaring.

14 Feb 2017, Updated 7 months ago

Daniel C. Baker, M.D.

1 out of 5 stars

I had some bad facial surgery and the stress had taken a huge toll on me and my family. I needed the best plastic surgeon possible to fix it- the great Dan Baker. I made an appointment and anxiously waited 5 month to see him. I could not have been more disappointed. He listened stoically to my story, looked at my before photo's, and then said in the most uncaring tone possible was "you... READ MORE

Very Knowledgeable

I had my upper eyelids done by another surgeon a few years earlier and it left my eyes looking "boxy". I wanted that revised as well as a canthopexy (eye's slightly tilted up on the sides). He knew right away what the previous surgeon had done wrong with the upper eyes and understood what I wanted as far as the slight eye tilt. I had mentioned the canthopexy to a few plastic surgeons before... READ MORE

Best Breast Doctor on the Planet - New York, NY

I had natural C cups until after the birth of my child. Afterwards, they looked more like deflated, sagging B cups. Dr Hidalgo to the rescue! Now I am a D cup. He is the master of natural looking breasts. Such a great bedside manner too. Spends plenty of time with you. Very caring and answers all questions. READ MORE

Questions from Estuht

Are my facial implants too big?

I have cheek, chin, jaw, and paranasal implants. In some photos I look very contrived. Should I consider removing them or replacing them with smaller implants? I feel I have... READ MORE

My buttock implants get very sore after sitting for a long time or exercising. Should I consider removal?

I had tear drop implants for several years and I found they were causing some soreness and inflammation because my dr said they couldn't "spin". Plus they looked unnatural and... READ MORE

Can I have elective surgery if I'm on an MAOI antidepressant?

Is it best to stop the medication before surgery or can it be safe to have anesthesia while on it? I have heard it's perfectly safe if the anesthesiologist is fully aware and... READ MORE

Is there an unevenness or distortion after a facelift?

What kind of facelifts are associated with this? How long does it last? What is it due to? Anything you can do about it? READ MORE

Can problematic scar tissue develop after having numerous facial plastic surgeries?

Mostly facial implants being switched out. Can it cause an unnatural look? READ MORE

I am a little allergic to Latisse. Is there any way to deal with the slight irritation?

Some redness on the eyelid and itching at times. I really don't want to stop using it. READ MORE

I am considering a facelift but am terrified of the windswept look near the ears. How do I avoid it?

Besides using a board certified plastic surgeon, checking reviews, and looking at before and after photos? Any questions I should ask? Research I can do? READ MORE

I'm considering replacing my cheek and jaw implants with smaller ones. Will I need a facelift as well?

I feel like the large implants are helping to fill out my face, but they look unnatural in certain photos and I have sone trouble smiling all the way. Will my face sag more... READ MORE

Is it normal for the incision for my buttock implants to get sore occasionally? 5 years post-op 2nd butt implant surgery.

It is in the sacrum and gets sore sometimes after showering or accidentally rubbing it. Anything I can do about it? The 2nd surgery was to replace anatomical implants with... READ MORE

Cheek and chin implants: Is there anyway to correct nerve damage around the mouth?

My mouth moves unnaturally when speaking. Pulling down like a fish hook on my bottom lip and moving awkwardly on my top lip. Can anything help? Botox? PRP? Surgery? The damage... READ MORE

Can Ultherapy help with my silicone micro droplet lip injections for a more natural look?

They are not lumpy or hard. Perfectly smooth and natural looking as long as I'm not speaking. When speaking something just looks off and unnatural. READ MORE

Is there anything I can do about visceral fat in the abdomen?

I am naturally thick waisted and have had 2 liposuctions and a tummy tuck with some improvement. I am about 10lbs heavier than I would like to be. (5'5 135 pounds) and a size 6... READ MORE

When considering facial implants, what is the difference between a Maxillofacial Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon?

Should I consult with both? What is their difference in knowledge and experience? What about other procedures with them like a facelift? READ MORE

There seem to be fewer plastic surgeons who are doing cheek implants and are instead smoking fat grafting. Why is that?

I'm looking for a more definied look with shape and contour. How is that possible with fat? Doesn't the fat go away after time? READ MORE

I've always wanted more definition in the apples of my cheeks but can't obtain with cheek implants Why?

My cheeks tend to bunch up. Do I need smaller implants? A different style? Filler or fat grafting instead? Or is it just my anatomy? READ MORE

What can be done about the pulling and asymmetry around my chin?

Over the years, I've had several versions of chin implants and different procedures to correct a witches chin, but now I'm left with some muscle pulling and assymetry. Is this... READ MORE

I really dislike my nose from certain angles, especially when I smile. Should I consider a rhinoplasty revision?

Keep my less than perfect but natural looking nose or go for the "Kim Kardashian"? I've already had rhinoplasty and nostril reduction. One nostril was higher than the other,... READ MORE

Do I need a reverse abdominoplasty?

I had a tummy tuck in 2010 and prior to that had liposuction around my abdomen, waist, and flanks. As a result I still have excess skin and a lumpy appearance. My surgeon told... READ MORE

When removing buttock implants, is it important to remove the capsule or scar tissue?

What are the pros and cons? I am considering having my 10 year old implants removed because they are so hard and uncomfortable. I have some sort of discomfort 50-70% of the... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a saline filled buttock implant? The ones I have now are solid silicone and they feel hard and unnatural.

I got them about 7 years ago. Have softer buttock implants been developed since then? I believe they were the softest available at the time. READ MORE

I am considering a revision rhinoplasty. Some surgeons have told me that removing too much cartilage will cause collapse?

Some say it's fine to do, some refuse and say removing too much may cause my nose to collapse. I do not have a tiny nose by any standard. How is "too much" determined? READ MORE

What is the best way to restore a chin and jawline that has thinned with age? (photo)

My jaw and chin have gotten thinner with age and seem to be asymmetric as well. What is the best way to solve this problem? Facial implants or can fat grafting be done? I... READ MORE

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Thanks, good luck! READ COMMENT

Dr Robert Schwarcz READ COMMENT

Are you in New York? If so, Dr S is great. If not, definitely go to an oculoplastic surgeon only. READ COMMENT

Hi, I don't recall seeing the marking he did on my eyes. I do know that when you pull the corners up to simulate the new eye shape, it's going to look very unnatural no matter what. I think it's best to bring photos of eyes you like.... READ COMMENT