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Devastating Results By LA Doctor

I am a young college student. Before getting the procedure, I had just been signed with a top modeling agency here in LA and was looking for a boost in my appearance. I somehow got talked into a lip lift, which is normally reserved for 40+ women, or women with long upper lips. I am/had neither. The whole experience has been really devastating, since I was not a candidate for this procedure... READ MORE

Super Happy with Sculptra, I Look Great! - Woodland Hills, CA

I went to see Dr. Osman last spring for sculptra. I'm in my 20's and it's been a great experience. I had 2 treatments of sculptra about 7 weeks apart. I started to notice a difference a couple months later and it just keeps getting better and better. It's now been a year and the sculptra is still going strong! My face is much fuller now, yet it's so natural since its my own fat. He's the... READ MORE

Questions from Gabby17

College Girl Made Lip Lift Mistake? (photo)

Dear Doctors, I had a bullhorn lip lift and now my upper lip is WAY too high. I'm devastated. I'm a petite & delicate looking girl so these huge lips look out of proportion... READ MORE

Can I Get Tissue Expansion to Reverse Lip Lift?

I'm a young college student and got a lip lift. I really did not need one. The length of my upper lip was 16 mms, the surgeon removed 5 mms. I look horrendous. It's been over 6... READ MORE

External Tissue Expansion Options?

Have any doctors heard of external tissue expansion using negative pressure? I saw an article where a surgeon in Egypt uses negative pressure (suction cup devices) to stretch... READ MORE

Will This Sculptra really go away & go back to my pre-sculptra face?

I'm 26 & I got 2 sculptra treatments 2 years ago. My face is the roundest it's ever been, as if the sculptra is peaking now. It's not weight gain. I was 109 ibs, 5'4... READ MORE

Recent comments from Gabby17

3 months? It barely shows've seen nothing yet! READ COMMENT

Sorry but I haven't taken a picture for 1 1/2 years now. My picture days are over. A 2 inch scar accross your face would be the stupidest thing anyone could do to themselves. Don't do it. If I could save one girl from this horror, my... READ COMMENT

No I've been lucky that I don't get swelling or anything like that, it's just a general over fullness. I'm praying every night that if begins to dissipate. READ COMMENT

I'm approaching the 2 year mark myself after just 2 treatments too, and it seems to be Fuller than ever!! I'm actually underweight but my face looks massive! It's so upsetting. They said 2 years...what a lie READ COMMENT

Hey you know they have a program that gives sculptra for free or really reduced cost for positive individuals? Look it up online, it may only be in California, I'm not sure but it's worth looking into! Anyways I'm glad you're happy with... READ COMMENT