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Can someone reccomend an inexpensive yet comfy cg/body shaper? I feel as if i need to re-train my tummy/waist back to its tiny self at 6 wks post op. I feel as if im loosing control of my waist at 12 weeks and i have a month b4 my trip... READ COMMENT

I meant 12 weeks post op not 16. Lol READ COMMENT

I am almost 16 weeks post op, now i find myself w an insane appetitte! Ugh! I feel my tummy tight after i eat. Not sure how to curb myself. Help! I feel for mostly heavy foods like rice, beans and pasta. Ive stayed away for so ling that... READ COMMENT

I have tried sleeping on my stomach. I'm almost 8 wks post op. i could only tolerate it maybe for 15 minutes at a time with a pillow under. READ COMMENT

Wow, this is exactly my hubby! He's a jealous paranoid man, and now that i did this TT irregardless of his disapproval, hes gotten worse. But i keep telling him, if your looking for trouble, and think that i did it to be with another,... READ COMMENT