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How to Treat This Old Indented Scar? (photo)

Scar is more than 6 years old. I believe caused by combination during from acne and sun damage. This is probably the worse it can be seen.Will Erbium Fractional Resurfacing... READ MORE

What Type of Scar is This Consider? What Treatment Should I Get? (photo)

This is old indented scar caused by combination acne/sun. This consider as boxcar? or Icepick? Will pure Fraxel resurfacing (restore? 1550) benefit from it?(I ask this because... READ MORE

Will Rash on Cheek Eventually Fade?

Both my upper mid cheek area is pinkish red for prolong period of time now (4+ years). My dermatologist said i have Serberherric Dermatitis. For a while i believe i do have it... READ MORE

Post Fraxel:Restore Treatment Concern?

So Ive done 1 Fraxel Restore 4 days ago. It was meant to be on a scar on my mid right cheek. However, The Doctor did my whole right mid cheek area. She said they usually treat... READ MORE

Fraxel Isolated Scar? Need Advice for Further Treatment. (photo)

Is it possible to do fraxel restore on isolated area on the scar itself instead of whole right cheek to "blend" it in? because that is what the physician did when i had a... READ MORE

Am I Treating This Scar Correctly? Need Advice and Honest Answers. (photo)

I want to improve on this scar I have. Ive done a fraxel restore on and around the cheek area but see little to no improvement. Do i need to get Subcision? Or am i treating... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (Not Active)?

Is it ok to continue to do Fraxel Restore if i have Seborrhoeic dermatitis? Its under control and not active my skin slight red thats cause from the oily skin but its not... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore and Supplement Plus Other Products?

Is it ok to take Supplements after Fraxel restore? Will it interfere with the healing? Because i take Multivitamins (1 a day), and Fish Oil + D3 (2 times a day). Also is there... READ MORE

What is the Longest Between Fraxel Restore Treatment Time Before Ineffective?

Ive had a fraxel restore around 10 or so weeks ago. Im asking this because the physician wrote 6 weeks apart and when it was 6 weeks my face was still pink from laser so i went... READ MORE

Does DermaRoller Work on Grade 3 Acne Scar? (photo)

I want to treat scar on my upper cheek. I believe it is "Grade 3 Acne Scar". Under light or certain angle it look deep but when i stretch my skin it seems flatter. READ MORE

Bleaching Cream Prior to Fraxel Restore Question?

Is there a "waiting time" you need to go to fraxel after putting on the bleaching cream? I've put bleaching cream on for a month and stopped and its been another month now and... READ MORE

Will This Scar Further Improve by Fraxel Restore? (photo)

3 months post Fraxel Restore and scar is still noticeably pronounced under lights. What type of scar is this consider and is this scar too old for it to improve by Fraxel... READ MORE

How Safe is Fraxel Restore?

How 'safe' is actually fraxel restore literally. Of course every doctor you go to for consultation they will say is safe regardless and with 1% risk. But is that the absolute... READ MORE