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Hi, did u send yily a deposit? Im having a hard time with that. She gave me info for a bank thats not in ny/nj so how do i wire it to her to secure my date?? READ COMMENT

I have surgery april 16th we can buddy together if ud like, to save money...pm me READ COMMENT

I whatsapp'd dr Cabral yesterday, i know i know...tisk tisk on Cabral, but hey... It can happen with any dr. That man is AWESOME LOL! I dont know why i didnt go to him in the first place smh! I saw him when we were at cipla and i just... READ COMMENT

Heyy!! I was with you at the recovery house! Remember me? We ate the snacks you brought the night you flew in lol! Im ready for round two as well! I have also experience places that were missed! Not that im not happy with my results!... READ COMMENT

Hey hun! We were at the rh together...my sis and i got surgery...rememer? We sat at the table n talked for a few hrs....and u had all the bomb snacks LOL! i was also so surprised to see you putting on ur make up the day after ur surgery... READ COMMENT