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Thank youf or sharing your story. I'm having my hump removed this Friday however, I am extremely nervous and scared. Any advice? I have watched how the procedure is done (which was totally stupid) which now I feel like I freaked myself... READ COMMENT

I can relate to you. I got married a little over a year ago and can't stand some of my pictures because of my nose. I've hated my nose for years and finally made an appointment. My surgery is Nov.16th. I had my final appt. today with... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your story. My surgery is Nov.16th and I'm super nervous. I have wanted this for 12 years and now that the date is getting closer I am scared and nervous. Did you just have your hump removed or did they also do... READ COMMENT

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am looking to have my hump removed. Where you satified with how your hump removal turned out? I'm just very worried about the surgery in general such as its hurting and being scared to go... READ COMMENT

If you don't mind me asking but who was your surgeon? I was just wondering because I am looking at surgeons within the area and Plastic Surgery Associates came up. READ COMMENT