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Coverage of One Juvederm Syringe?

How much of the face does one Juvederm syringe cover? I need my forehead, brow area, "parentheses," and maybe above my lips done. Will one syringe cover all that? READ MORE

Palm Coast Juvederm Doctor Recommendation

Can anybody recommend a doctor in Palm Coast, Florida who offers lower prices for Juvederm (around $400 a syringe)? READ MORE

Will a TCA Peel and microneedling help my hideous face?

I have enlarged pores, deep glabellar lines, deep nasolabial folds, hollow "lower" cheeks which make my face look long and pointy, wrinkles in my forehead, loose upper lid... READ MORE

Surgiwire? (photos)

I did a chemical peel at 50% (placed only inside the indents) and used a dermaroller 1.5 1 week later, in an attempt to soften those lines in the pic. I'm hoping the area... READ MORE

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Wow, $7300 for all that "and" you're happy with results! Ugh...wish I lived near there! I've seen some say that the forehead lift alone costs 7 Gs. I would love to get the forehead and quad blephs done for what you paid! I may have... READ COMMENT

I wonder if the itchiness is due to the wound healing?? Probably so ;) READ COMMENT

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may need some McDonald's therapy. Ugh...Eat there at least twice a day, that should do it! Then after you gain the weight you desire, never eat there again!!!! lol Good luck - I have a super fast... READ COMMENT

I know this is old, but if anyone else sees this thread who has a similar problem, I'd like to tell them that I have rolled my face until there was blood with a 1.5 mm roller in the past, and yes, you will look 1000 years old for the... READ COMMENT

Oh, and I want to point out a few things. I am also Rene007. Didn't realize I already had an account. And I would like to correct that I have a 1.5 mm roller, not 2.5. My bad. Annnnd lastly, above there should be "I still." Not... READ COMMENT