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Different Shape Breasts and Areolas After Implants with Lift on One Side?

I had implants with a small lift on my right side, now 3 weeks post op and right side is a square shape at the bottom will this round, my areolas are diffrent shape the right... READ MORE

Dent at Bottom of Areola and Square Shape Breast? (photo)

Hi, i am three weeks post op 350cc unders both sides with small lift on right side only, is it normal to have dent at bottom of areola at this time will this stretch out, also... READ MORE

Dent in Areola After Small Lift Will It Correct Its Self? (photo)

Is it normal for areola to fold over and have a dent in areola after implant with small lift, im three weeks post op, the area that is dented and puckered is very hard, i can... READ MORE

Will Breasts Even out and Will Areola Smooth out 7 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Hi im 7 weeks post breast implants and still not happy with the way they look right is higher and the areola is not round or flat it has a large dent in it at the bottom... READ MORE