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My Big Nose and Extra Bone Ruined My Life - India

HELLO!!! This is true story...im a Male..My life ruined by not only very big nose and extra bone near my left hand side of my nose .so can u feels how worse it was...every people have got only a big nose or that kind of stuff but for me big nose+extra bone one side of my face ..so because of this i have no idea about future of my life..because every single second i only think about my nose and... READ MORE

Questions from jay walling

I Have Done my Rinoplasty About 10 Days Ago...so Now I Cant Breathe Through my Both Nostrils at Once?

When I breathe through my right nostril,I cant breathe through my left and when i can through my left i cant through my right.......actually its rotate time to time .....so... READ MORE

My Nose Getting Upturned and Big After 2 Weeks? (photo)

I had a rhioplasty 2 weeks ago and now my nose looks upturned and nose bridge and tip looks higher and big ...i had osteotomy rhino and alar reduction..... so is this swelling... READ MORE

Slight Pain After Sneeze?

I had a my rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago.. so today i have to sneeze through my mouth then I feels pain in my nose bridge ...because of this have i damaged my good results? READ MORE

Had a Rhinoplasty and Bone Trimming?

I had a rhinoplasty and bony trimming in my face because i had a extra bone in my left side of my face near nose..so now that left hand side lips and face swelling more than my... READ MORE

Sleep After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago .today during a sleep my nose nose one side push away contact with pillow ..so is this damage my good results up to now?? READ MORE

My Nose Tip Soften 2 Weeks After Nose Job?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago ...now my nose tip feels soft no any stiffnes ...but its still looks big...will this be my final result..im so desperate my nose get softer but... READ MORE

Nose Getting Bigger After Cast Removal?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago .After my cast removal in 1 week nose looks small and good shape ..but suddenly 1 week after cast removal my nose getting bigger and bigger ..... READ MORE

Clean my Dead Skin in Nose 1 Month After Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty one month ago.I have got a very oily skin so doctor told me to clean my dead skin ...so i rub my nose tip and bridge with wet tissue to clean my nose :.. so... READ MORE

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I have got a extreme oily skin.....so how can this effected for my nose job????? READ COMMENT

Not yet.....but how can i fixed my extra bone???? READ COMMENT