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Can I Get Plastic Surgery to Make my Hips Bigger?

I like the look of wide hips, to me they signal fertility and they look pretty, I was wondering if I can get plastic surgery to physically make my hips wider? Will it be hard... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure I Can Get to Attenuate my Dark Circles?

No you did not misread that. Really. I like the zombie like dead look of dark circles and I know I can use makeup to draw attention to that but I was wondering if there could... READ MORE

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Opps I didnt mean to post W anyways I never knew that middle class people take out loans for getting plastic surgery. I dont think thats a good idea. READ COMMENT

I think its very artistic and enchanting like looking at art even if it is otherworldly! I think 90s pounds that is nuts there is no way a grown man can be healthy and 90 pounds. I think every kind of beauty should be embraced, natural... READ COMMENT

I hate that how they think you can get your post baby body as soon as possible! Hormones change it can never really go back to way it was before for better or worse. I think you should embrace the wonder of birthing. Agreed this does... READ COMMENT

I dont think something like breast implants or lipo should be performed on kids that are still growing. my breasts grew so much from when i was 12. READ COMMENT