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In the last picture you posted, you mentioned that you were unhappy with the tip rotation and that you liked it better at 17 days post-op. Did the rotation of the tip go back to its initial position (after cast removal)? Does your nose... READ COMMENT

I agree with the previous poster, you are extremely beautiful. You should be a skincare model, you have the most luminous, flawless looking skin... it's pretty amazing. READ COMMENT

Yep my nose ran for about a month and a half after the surgery and I mentioned it to my doctor and he said, "Oh, that almost always goes away." Almost always?? I was pretty scared about it because I didn't want to be that person who... READ COMMENT

What exercises do you do to promote drainage? Have you noticed it helping at all? READ COMMENT

I think the uneven nostrils are definitely a result of swelling. You can see at the base of the nostril on the left (at the bottom where it attaches to the face) the skin is very swollen and thick while the other is thin and normal... READ COMMENT