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Supra-orbital Rim Augmentation and Brow Lift?

I'm a 45-year- old male. My brow ridge lacks projection so my profile looks very feminine. I would like my supra-orbital rim to be raised. Can "Kryptonite bone cement" which... READ MORE

It is Possible to Stimulate the Masseter Muscle to Gain Volume? (photo)

There is a medical condition "masseter muscle hypertrophy" which causes this muscle to overdevelop. When it does a weak jaw angle will look more pronounced so the result can be... READ MORE

Surgery for Lowering the Maxilla?

I need to have orthognathic surgery to advance my lower jaw. As I don't show my upper teeth the surgery should include lowering the maxilla. This worries me because the maxilla... READ MORE

Finding an Oculoplastic Surgeon in Poland?

I'm a 51-year-old male. I have droopy eyebrows, droopy upper eyelids (ptosis) and a lower lateral canthus. I need a brow lift, a blepharoplasy, and a canthoplasty. As medical... READ MORE

It is Possible Placing an Implant to Add Projection to the Brow Ridge and Lift the Eyebrow Without Making a Coronal Incision?

I'm a 45-year- old male. My brow ridge lacks projection so my profile looks very feminine. I would like my supra-orbital rim to protrude a good 7-10mm. I understand a medpor... READ MORE

Can the Incision in an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty Be Used for Inserting and Securing a Supra-orbital Rim Implant?

I have droopy upper eyelids and and I also have no projection on my brow ridge so I would like to know if the blepharoplasty incision can be used for inserting the implants... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Use an Intraoral Incision to Secure an Implant over the Zygomatic Arch or is a Pre-auricular Incision Needed?

My face is very narrow so I need to have cheek implants right on the zygomatic arch to increase its width. In virtually all of the cases in which cheek implants are used they... READ MORE

Can the Incision for a Midface Lift Be Used for Inserting and Securing an Implant on the Zygomatic Arch?

I need a midface lift. My face is very narrow so I also want to have an implant right on the zygomatic bone and the first half of the zygomatic arch to make my face wider.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Access a Burr Hole Through a Brow Lift Incision? If So What Material Should Be Used to Level It? (photo)

I have a burr hole from a craniotomy. As I need a brow lift I would like to know if an incision before (not behind) the hairline could be used for the brow lift and also to... READ MORE

Is It Too Risky Having a Brow Lift and a Blepharoplasty on Top and Bottom Eyelids Performed at the Same Time?

I need these three surgeries and I know there are a lot of eye surgeons that will do them at the same time but is that a wise choice? I would prefer to do the brow lift first,... READ MORE

Are There Any Injectable Fillers Such As HA That Can Be Used for Filling a Burr Hole? (photo)

I have a burr hole on my forehead which is very noticeable. I have been told that a large incision will have to be made on my scalp to gain access to it so it can be filled... READ MORE

Should a Brow Lift and a Canthopexy Be Performed at the Same Time or is It Better to Do the Canthopexy Under Local Anthesia?

I need to have both surgeries. The brow lift will be performed under general anesthesia but I have been told the canthopexy should be done under local anesthesia so that if the... READ MORE

Are There Any Surgeons Using Osseointegrated Malar Implants of Hydroxyapatite or Krytonite Instead of Medpor or Silicone?

I need an extended mala-submalar implant an I would prefer to use a material that won't be "hanging loose" in my face. READ MORE

Is Ultrasonic Liposuction a Better Choice of Lipo for a Microliposuction of the Face (Cheeks, Jawline and Jowl)?

I was told that before putting malar implants to project my cheekbones it is necessary to get rid of the fat in my face. I would like to know if ultrasonic lipo which is more... READ MORE

What Are the Advantages and Drawbacks of Using Hydroxy Apatite Paste on a Malar Augmentation over a Silastic Implant? (photo)

I'm considering having a cheekbone augmentation but I don't like the look of most malar implants I've seen. They can be the wrong size, they can be in the wrong place or in the... READ MORE

I Think the Lateral Sides of my Nose Have Collapsed. Do I Need an Open Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Will an Open Rhino Make my Nose Tip Wider? My nose has been operated three times. The last time was 17 years ago. Dr. placed a piece of cartilage from my ear to raise the... READ MORE

Both Lateral Bones Have Come Together So my Nose is Too Narrow. Will It Have to Be Broken to Spread Both Lateral Bones Apart?

I had a low bride so my nose was operated 17 years ago and a piece of cartilage was placed on the dorsum. Now both sides of my nasal bone have come together so my bridge is too... READ MORE

If Using a Temporal Lift Incision to Place a Supraorbital Rim Implant on the Brow Ridge, is There a Chance of Nerve Damage?

I'm a male but I have no brow bossing so my profile looks week . Since I need a brow lift I have been told a short incision will be made on each side just above my temple next... READ MORE

Malar Augmentation, Are There Any Surgeons Who Do Zygomatic/malar Advancement?

Malar osteotomies are performed in Asia to reduce the width and projection of the zygomatic arch. I have a midface deficiency so I'd like to know if there are any maxilofacial... READ MORE

Can an Existing Piece of Ear Cartilage on the Dorsum Be Replaced with a Thicker Rib Cartilage to Raise the Dorsum a Bit More?

The bridge of my nose was low so Dr. George Peck placed a piece of cartilage from my ear on the dorsum. This happened 20 years ago. Dr. Peck did a fine job but the tip of my... READ MORE

Can an Anterior, Vertical Malar Osteotomy Be Done with an Intraoral Incision or is a Subperiosteal Face Lift Incision Needed?

As my face is very narrow I would like to add lateral projection to my cheekbones so I'm interested in having a malar osteotomy. For some reason this is not a surgical... READ MORE

What is the Best Temporal or Permanent Filler to Level a Burr Hole and and Irregular Dents in the Temporal Region? (photo)

I have a burr hole that was filled with Hyaluronic Acid Suceev Three. It was completely gone for a couple of weeks but it gradually reappeared . I've been told Microlane with... READ MORE

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In need of a surgeon outside the US that is highly specialised in orthognathic surgery.

I have a complex case in upper and lower jaw so I need to find a surgeon who really knows what he's doing.  I will need  3D treatment planning so I know beforehand... READ MORE

Who's the Best Surgeon for a Complex Rhinoplasty Revision Outside the US?

I have a lot of problems with my nose and it has been operated three times I can't take chances with with. READ MORE

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I surely won't come near Dr. Andrew Jacono, plastic surgeon in New York and I hope every time someone googles his name your story will come up . Good surgeons should be praised for their good work and the ones that don't handle... READ COMMENT

Stephanie, If that is the case I understand your disappointment. I need OS myself but I'm taking a very active role in screening surgeons and asking questions. I learned the hard way!!! But you should know that it does... READ COMMENT

Hi Megan, I hope you're right... On a different note, I posted two questions that haven't been published yet. Do you know why? Thanks, Adrian READ COMMENT

The photo on the right was taken four months after surgery. Wasn't it? READ COMMENT

You look a million times better, honey... READ COMMENT