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Artefill is a HUGE Waste of Money!

Had Artefill injected into nasal labia folds, smile lines and under eyes. Saw some improvement, but little. Had additional Artefill injected under eyes and saw no additional benefit. Only 2 months later I saw a plastic surgeon who injected Belotero and said he didn't see any trace of the Artefill! The Belotero did a much better job and it was MUCH cheaper! Also needed to have Juvederm... READ MORE

VERY Happy with my Breast Reduction and Lift! -Houston, TX

41 years old and after 2 kids and the weight gains and losses that accompany pregnancy, my chest was a 36DD and sagging so far down that a proper support bra was so uncomfortable and causing a great deal of pain! I finally decided, it was time to do something for me! I research plastic surgeons in the Houston area and I only wanted to see the BEST! I have never had surgery before and wanted... READ MORE

Wanted This for Syringiomas Under my Eyes, Did Nothing for Syringiomas and Pigmented my Face!

I had an erbium laser done under my eyes and it worked fairly well but my bumps returned quickly (had that done twice) and I was told that the fractional C02 laser was the best treatment for this skin problem, so I went to a nearby place that offered it. They did my whole face, which honestly I didn't ask for and wasn't expecting, I only wanted the treatment under my eyes, but I thought if it... READ MORE

Smart Lipo of Upper and Lower Abs 41 Year Old Woman - The Woodlands, TX

For now I have only marked the "worth it" question as "Not sure" because its too early to see the final results; however, I strongly feel that after the recovery period, when the swelling has finally subsided, I will definitely feel the procedure was worth it! I have a lot of loose skin and fat that doesn't budge through exercise and diet. I had considered a tummy tuck, but ultimately... READ MORE

Questions from makj2012

Age 40, 2 Children. Tummy Tuck Questions? (photo)

I am 40 years old and have 2 children. I a few questions: 1. The incision, just how big will the scar be? 2. Pain after the procedure, how it will be controlled, and how long... READ MORE

Breast Lift/reduction? (photo)

I am a 40 year old mother of two. I'm only 4'11, but I wear a size 36DD. I'm interested in having a reduction & lift to a 34C. A few questions: 1. What kind of procedure... READ MORE

Syringoma or Milia Laser Treatment? (photo)

About 3 years ago I developed these bumps under both eyes. I've been told its milia, but it seems to resemble the Syringoma pictures I've seen online. I'd like to find out if... READ MORE

Two Stage Orthodontics for 9 Year Old?

It was advised that we do a Phase 1 plan for my 9 yr old who is missing a molar and a canine tooth that fell out early causing her other teeth to shift, leaving no room for her... READ MORE

Smart Lipo for Arms?

I am very interested in using Smart Lipo for my arms. I have always hated my arms and even when I lose weight my arms are always the last part of my body where I lose weight... READ MORE

Less Invasive Alternative to Tummy Tuck for Abdominal Fat? (photo)

I have been considering a TT, but to be honest I am scared of complications and recovery time. I want to know if there are any alternatives to TT that will help me get rid of... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Syringiomas MOST Effectively? I've Tried Everything!

To begin with, I have tried using Retin-A creams, had 3 laser treatments (2 with Erbium lasers) and 1 with a C02 Fraxel laser, had a chemical peel and microderm. The Erbium... READ MORE

How long after smart lipo can I have a breast lift?

I had smart lipo to the upper and lower abdomen on 10/19 as a spur of the moment decision, but had a breast lift previously scheduled for 11/21/13. Is this going to be okay? READ MORE

Skiing after mastoplexy?

If I have mastoplexy on November 20th, will I be recovered enough to go skiing with my family December 28th? READ MORE

Neck lift scar question: Can you tell me if this is a normal scar? (photos)

I recently had a neck lift and I am left with a rather large ugly scar that I did t expect. Can you tell me if this is a normal scar? Is there anything that can be done about a... READ MORE

What can I do to make my under eye area look better? Also anything to make skin look better? (photos)

I did Artefill a few years ago, and this year did Belotero . Don't know if I just need more or if my body is absorbing it somehow or if I need to do something else? READ MORE

Will Halo laser treat syringomas? (Photo)

I have had numerous treatments with the erbium laser and they have worked fairly well. The doctor who does the erbium laser suggested trying Halo next. Since it is much more... READ MORE

Lower eyelid surgery for syringomas and veins? (Photo)

I am 44 and started developing syringomas 4 years ago. Since then I have had 2 CO2 laser treatments, medical grade peels, and about 10 sessions of laser zapping with Erbium... READ MORE

Discussions started by makj2012

recovery after smart lipo of abdomen

I am going to have smart lipo done on the abdomen and my question is about recovery? I have to drive my son to school in the mornings, if I do this on a Friday, will I be okay... READ MORE

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I do have pictures, let me search tonight and I will post. There was one area where I had minor pleating (under the breast) and he injected a steroid and it loosened and everything was great. READ COMMENT

Wow, I am so sorry your results are SO bad! That's awful! I'm not thrilled either, but I can't say I am worse than I was to begin with, I just don't see much difference. I have a small lump left and I didn't do flanks (she wanted to... READ COMMENT

Sorry I never responded, no I do not have the firm rolls, just the lumps in the abdomen. They are significantly better after Venus Freeze, but I still have them. I'm not even sure the Venus freeze really did anything for me and I'm... READ COMMENT


What would you tell someone that the basic recovery period is? Like I drive my kids everywhere, get them ready for school etc. how long before you are up to doing those sort of things? READ COMMENT