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Never Again - Michigan

I went into the doc's to get juvaderm around my mouth, the clinician said that I should get botox around my eyes for my crows feet, i did not really want to but she kinda insisted, so I caved... Sorry I ever did that, my eyes look ok, but my smile is severly crooked, called them, they said that the botox could not travel that far, well from what I read and researched since, it can and it... READ MORE

Questions from lilly376

Botox That Left There Upper Lip Lift Up More???

I had botox for crows feet, now my upper lip is uneven, not sure if the left side of my lip is lifting up more, or my right side is sagging??? has anyones' patients had... READ MORE

What is Exoderm?

What is exoderm, and how much is it??? What is it used for , I have never heard of it before... READ MORE

Does 20 Percent Tca Peel Firm Skin?

Does 20 Percent Tca Peel Firm Skin? READ MORE

I did a TCA peel, it burned and scarred my forehead? (Photo)

Will retin a help, or would it be more helpful to just moisturize. Also my forehead feels lumpy and bumpy , it has streaks and brown areas and pitted scars I m devastated! READ MORE

I did a 20 percent peel and it scarred and discolored forehead. (Photo)

I read that if I use a light tca peel and cortisone cream in morning and retina a at night, that would help with scars and pigmentation problem, here are 2 pics but they do not... READ MORE

I did a 20% TCA peel on my forehead in Oct. 2015. I had bad results. Looking for answers. (Photo)

I used 20percent tca on my forehead to keep my skin tight , I have used TCA at home many times before , this one scarred my skin , i.e. hyperpigmentation , scars ,... READ MORE

I have juvederm in my lower face; wondering if I massage the juverderm will it flatten out?

Just wondering if I massage the juverderm will it flatten out? I was trying to soften my Marietta lines. READ MORE

Recent comments from lilly376

Don't do it, I did a 20percent at home and my forehead got burned , scarred and discolored!!!!!! READ COMMENT

What product did you use from dermatologic??? Thanks for any info. READ COMMENT

Thank you for replying to me, that was very kind. I do feel somewhat better, my derm told me to do the lp laser and I am not going to do that, I am afraid it will just make things worse actually I don't have real good pics of the after... READ COMMENT

Just wondering what your story is , what did you do in the 3 yrs , and did it work? READ COMMENT

I have had many tca peels, I am Caucasian, light skinned. I think it went to deep, or my skin is getting to thin, don't know, but I am really upset and looking for any info on how to reverse what I have done. the before and afters are... READ COMMENT