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Sculptra for Subtle Facial Enhancement - Miami, FL

Complaints: I’m small and have sharp features and thin skin, all conditions for a perfect storm of aging on my face, so I’ve kept up a fairly regular schedule of Botox and fillers since my early 30s. At the start of my 40s and the end of a particularly challenging period in my life, I’d look in the mirror and see a gaunt, tired face staring back at me. My cheeks were sunken and my... READ MORE

Know What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

Pros: Helps eliminate "tired" look; relatively easy procedure to recover from. Many experience a recovery time longer than the two weeks your PS will likely tell you to expect; looking acceptable in public and being completely healed are two different things, and many doctors don't distinguish for the patient. Cons: Might not eliminate *all* the excess skin around the eyes you might... READ MORE

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How to Fix Scar Tissue on Eyelid Surgery Incision?

I had revision Eyelid surgery six months ago. One eyelid healed well; the other "pouches" over the incision line when closed and is noticeably larger when open. Scar... READ MORE

One Eyelid Larger After Eyelid Surgery Revision

I had an Eyelid Surgery revision on my upper eyelids 6 months ago, 6 months after the original procedure. One did well, but the other lid is noticeably larger and 'pouching'... READ MORE

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Just wanted to add that my emphasis in the phrase "small investment" is on "investment," not on "small"! Cost/expense was most definitely a factor in my decision. I'm looking forward to the day when cost won't matter (and wondering why... READ COMMENT

I hope your experience is positive, too! If your doctor is like mine, I'm almost sure it will be. Good luck! READ COMMENT

I wish I'd taken some! I'll see if I can post pics from the doctor's office. The person who massaged my face right after the procedure did so in a circular motion, so I just followed her example. It felt gentler on my face to massage... READ COMMENT

They are...they might be barely noticeable at first, but you'll probably see the difference when you compare pics of how you look now with those taken six months down the road. I forgot to mention that Sculptra also seems to benefit the... READ COMMENT

Daisy, I'm sorry that the ps didn't have news you wanted to hear. It's good to know that you found a professional who can help you work with the outcome of the original procedure. I wish you strength and the support of those around you.... READ COMMENT