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Botox for the Frown Line Between the Eyes and Crows Feet - Houston, TX

This is my third round of botox. My previous experience with botox for the line between my eyes works great so this time the doctor suggested five units on each side for the crows feet. I never experience bruising with botox as I do with juvederm but I feel the effects of juvederm are far more dramatic. READ MORE

Juvederm in Smile Lines and Upper Cheek Area - Houston, TX

I have had juvederm 5 times previous to my most recent series of injections and do upkeep every 6-8 months in different areas. I really like the youthful volumizing enhancements for my looks. I really believe that great results with this product depend almost totally on the skill of injector. I have always been injected by plastic surgeons. This time I had a few small bruises in the smile... READ MORE

Questions from springrolll

Can Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns?

I am interested in having Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns? Is this ol? READ MORE

Is it Ok to have laser teeth whitening a few days after juvederm injections?

I am wondering if the laser from the teeth whitening could some how dissolve the juvderm because I am mainly having my lips injected. READ MORE

How do you find a great doctor who specializes in face lifts?

Does this specialization have a name. Also I was quoted a price of 28 thousand here in Houston and this price included fat grafting which I am not inclined to have done but the... READ MORE

Voluma before a facelift?

I would like to have a syringe in each cheek area of Voluma but also am considering a fatce/neck lift within the next year. Is it OK to have the Voluma injected now? READ MORE

Is it necessary to get fat grafts during a facelift?

I have gone for consultations and the 3 surgeons stated that they always do fat grafts. I don't think I need it. My weight is 210 and has been for 35 years. I am 5'7" with no... READ MORE

1 hour vertical facelift versus a regular facelift?

I am considering a facelift and necklift. I have been researching various local cosmetic surgery options. I live in Houston. I noticed that a one hour vertical facelift is... READ MORE

How to avoid the joker mouth? Is it random or can it be prevented?

I am scheduling my face lift in a few weeks and my big concern is avoiding the joker smirk. I see celebrities that have it as well as regular people. Four of my friends have... READ MORE

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Dr. Raghu Athre of Houston

I am considering him for a facelift. Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with this doctor? Thannk you. READ MORE

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You look spectacular! READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh it looks like grandmother and granddaughter! I am 54 and my neck has gone to hell in a handbasket. Your pics and commentary have been so inspirational I am getting a facelift. READ COMMENT

Make sure you eat the pineapple core as this is where the bromelain is. READ COMMENT

This reviews sounds very very fake. READ COMMENT

Your skin looks amazing now! READ COMMENT