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Oh no tara! keep us posted on the news from your doctor. hope it is a minor thing. READ COMMENT

Wow, it seems like just yesterday you did your surgery and you already look so normal! you look great! I am so envious.... but happy for you of course :) READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing! Wow, you had "the" Dr Hammond? I started researching the SPAIR technique after you mentioned it to me and saw a video of his on YouTube. but I didn't realize that was your surgeon. you look great already! ... READ COMMENT

My twins are almost 14 months. So yes, we were in almost the same spot and I didn't feel like I had much milk. We were just down to middle of the night nursings and for my sanity, those sort of needed to go anyway! But I actually did... READ COMMENT

A leech?! OMG, you poor thing! That sounds brutal. But glad it worked and you are on your way to recovery. READ COMMENT