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You look great! :) READ COMMENT

If I were you, I would wait till after you have kids to go through with the surgery. I just had BA 4 weeks ago, but I only did it before I nursed 2 kids and lost everything. My size was very similar to yours before I had kids (maybe a... READ COMMENT

Right now it looks like I'm a full C cup, but after the swelling goes down I'll probably end up with a mid C cup. READ COMMENT

You are looking great Happy! I'm glad everything is going well with you. My recovery is going well so far. It gets better everyday. :) READ COMMENT

You look fantastic!! I just had my procedure done 3 weeks ago today. I also ended up with a 400cc moderate plus profile. I was also a AA cup prior after nursing my 2 kids. I saw some before/after photos from your surgeon in the Mentor... READ COMMENT