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Looks wonderful! I had my upper bleph on the 17th, just got stitches out, had itching and tightening feelings also. Never even took a pain pill and I am wimpy. I am so excited to have eye lids again and wear mascara. It's sooo worth it! READ COMMENT

You look great!! What a difference you should be soo happy! I just had an upper Bleph on the 17th, close family say they can see a big difference. I am not looking in the mirror too much these days, just had my stitches out, so life is... READ COMMENT

I also have major headaches that last almost 2 days from lifting up my eyebrows due to hooded eye lids, did all the tests and my insurance is paying for this $4,000. I am going in for upper Blepharoplasty this Wednesday, have arnica... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing I am 58 going in for upper Blepharoplasty Wednesday am getting a nervous stomach. Did not even see him at the pre op visit, and only called in ointment for me. Nothing else.... have read posts and have my own stash... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing what a good price! I am having an upper Blepharoplasty this Wednesday and mine is $2,000 for surgical center and 1,800 for Surgeon. Dr. Leland Rosenblum, MD is board certified in Ophthalmology, graduated from... READ COMMENT