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The Ins and Outs of My Breasts 2/2013-present

I had implants put in November of 2012 along with an arm lift. Two weeks later I had a lower body lift. I have other blogs on those subjects. My implants have been nothing but trouble. I cannot even say if I liked them because from the beginning there was an issue with my left breast dropping too low. A quick fix was tried but failed and it has been a year of both implants drooping lower... READ MORE

Lower Body / Leg Lift in 2012

Since I have had 2 procedures I am posting on both topics. The titles are the same for both and the other blog is under Arm Lift. Also, on my arm blog I have before and some arm after pictures. I had my lower body lift 13 days ago. Briefly, I lost a lot of weight slowly and steadily for no apparent reason other than I was getting full quickly. As a result, after a hysterectomy in 2008... READ MORE

Arm Lift / Breast Implants in 2012

My brief story: I lost about 50 lbs, slowly and steadily, 5 years ago. There was really no explanation for it. I had a lot of tests done but nothing conclusive. I just couldn't eat very much without feeling extremely full. I have been heavy my entire life and have done numerous weight loss plans but always seemed to go up and down so losing weight without trying was not in my vocabulary. I... READ MORE

Questions from 1LoLo1

I'm 53, 122 lbs. Had an arm lift with breast augmentation 11/29/12. Have my Breasts Bottomed Out? (photo)

Hi, I'm 53, 122 lbs. Had an arm lift with breast augmentation 11/29/12. Skin has poor elasticity. Implants are 375 ml (lt) and 400 ml (rt) SRHPG. Jan 3013, apparent that my lt... READ MORE

Can Seri Silk be successfully removed after implant removal? (Photos)

Since 2012 I have had multiple surgeries to repair an original over-dissection/too large implants. Seri silk was used to revise once also had a lift. Didn't hold. Another... READ MORE

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Relaxing is normal. Skin is a tissue that expands and retracts. It is natural and normal for relaxing to occur and it will occur. Also, gravity will come into play as will time, age, hormonal situations. Yes, I would do it again.... READ COMMENT


Hi, Percocet and for longer than 4 days. Yes it was managed well. READ COMMENT

Oops...I also forgot to say thanks for the super compliment! I will be 57 this year. Twenty-something is a looonnnggg way away. = ) READ COMMENT

Hi girlygurl, you present valid points and all of that should be considered before moving forward with any decision. I find it helpful to read the good and bad reviews. I, myself, have not been afraid of the anesthesia but these are... READ COMMENT