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Why Do I Still Practically Fit in my Old Bras After BR Surgery Last Week?

I had BR surgery last week, Oct 11 and had my drains out on Oct 16. I'm still swollen and sore which I expected but I still fit into my old bras (well they are slightly big)... READ MORE

Worried Still Too Big After BR from a 38DD?

I am 2 was post-op but my breasts still look so big and heavy. I'm probably a full D currently. I am 5'3" 157 lbs and I say I'm more medium frame. My PS said he too about a... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Bit of Nipple Bleeding 5 Wks Post-op?

I will be 5 weeks post-op tomorrow and have nipple bleeding the past 2 days. Is this normal? It's not a lot of bleeding but still causes me some concern since this hasn't... READ MORE

A year and a half post breast reduction, still have strong nerve pain around my nipples. Is this normal?

(sharp pins/needle shooting pain). I saw my PS at one year follow up and he said it is normal, but now it's 6 months later and the sharp pain has not subsided. Lately,... READ MORE

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Hi everyone. First, congrats to all the recent post-ops and best wishes for those with upcoming BRs. mybubbies - yours look awesome and I wouldn't worry about being too small, they look great. Tigger77 - I was shocked too seeing my... READ COMMENT

Hi, just read your posts a d wanted to wish you luck on your surgery next week!! Make sure you implicitly state the size you want to be. That's all I've been reading from so many here who had BR. I had mine done 2 weeks ago today. I... READ COMMENT

I just had mine done last week and it was covered by insurance (minus my deductible). I would first go under your plan and find out if indeed, they will cover BR surgery. Some health plans won't do it at all. Some PS don't accept... READ COMMENT

Hi. I'm new here. I had my BR last week and feel pretty good. Still swollen and sore but healing ok according to my PS. My drains came out 2 days ago, what a relief! I was a 36E/38DD and I had about a pound taken out both sides... READ COMMENT