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My Experience with Buccal Fat Removal - Philippines, PH

I got the buccal fat removal because I don't have the energy to exercise and my face would easily get bloated. It definitely did help, but it did leave two small indentations at the side of my face. Would I do it again? No. Because the day I get my energy back and start being more active is the day I'll be seeking solutions for sunken in cheeks. Also my surgeon took the whole lot out when she... READ MORE

Fourth Time Nose Job. and I Am Getting Sick of This! – Thailand

I want to bring back the feminity in my nose. Pull the philtrum back forward, bring the alars down, further straighten my nose and add fullness to it, lift and rotate my tip and have a smooth dorsum with no hump! I was contacted by Tereza who told me there is a surgeon out there who is talented, artistic and ethical enough to respect the needs of the patient. I know very well what is the... READ MORE

Dental Bridge in - Makati, Manilla

To take advantage of low prices I had a dental bridge installed. I had it done with zirconia. I was really concerned about having two of my teeth filed down completely and still there is a little sensitivity in the area. However the plus is I don't have metal in my face and the result looks not obvious. It is long lasting as it is zirconia. With the time limitation it was difficult to achieve... READ MORE

Dr Corazon Collantes - Mother of BOTCH Surgery - Philippines, PH

Im going to The philippines for my third nose procedure and I will also have some fat reshaping of the face and lipo in the waist. I look forward to it. Im going to straight out my nose perhaps add some lift and length. Take some fat out of my cheeks and under my chin and put it in my cheekbone area. I hadn't had the chance to upload my before photos earlier The days before my nose... READ MORE

My First Time with Mequinol / Tretinion.

Alright so here I am, experiencing tingles all over my body, like iced tingles. Not very strong, just lightly, it actually feels nice and my skin feels tight and form. So why am I feeling this way? Well.. About half an hour ago I just applied Mequinol and tretinion onto myself. Why? Because I live in a Western country that depicts beauty and youth with paler skin. I made my... READ MORE

Experimenting with TCA

I used a 25% TCA peel on my eyebrows. I have a tattoo eyebrows that im not happy with so I thought I would try TCA to fade it before I got it re-done. First of all the 25% TCA peel is lighter than I expected, all I got from it was a slight stinging sensation which I felt was comfortable and enjoyable. I did apply a few layers but when after I applied a third and fourth layer it started to... READ MORE

Home Chemical Peel - United Kingdom, GB

The first time I received a chemical peel, I was at a beauty salon and we trialed it inside my wrist, it burned so I didn't go through with it. Later on my skin got tougher, so I decided to purchase a lactic acid peel kit. I purchased the 30% strength. It is safe, I had no problems. The first few times I used it I did experience some stinging, then I used it a bit later and felt nothing... READ MORE

Questions from TheBeautyGuru

Can my nose be fixed a third time? (Photo)

The anatomical structures were left weakenned but it is being currently propped up by a columella strut. My question is, are there any surgeon's super skilled out there who are... READ MORE

I had my Buccal fat removal. Will it look alright if I lose weight? (photos)

I had my buccal fat removed because ever since I was 74kg, I've had fat build up in my face. I had the buccal fat pad removal which got rid of my chubby cheeks. My face still... READ MORE

Are my malar fat pads in the right position? (Photo)

Growing up I have noticed I was not quite as attractive as my peers. One by one, I have been working on improving these defects with trial and error. It is difficult to know... READ MORE

Can my nostrils be improved? (photos)

I feel my last surgeon greatly improved my nose but I wanted my nostrils to look a particular shape. Sorry about sideways pics. Im sending this from my mobile. READ MORE

Recent comments from TheBeautyGuru

He revised my nose and it collapsed. He does not care about his patients. READ COMMENT

I think the result is very nice. However Dr Pham gave you what HE wanted not what you want, and thats a horrible feeling when you pay $16,500 for it. Always see a surheon double certified (plastix surgery & cosmetic, easthetic and... READ COMMENT

Your nose is beautiful. Yes its ultra feminine but its very nice and over time it will settle down. Gives me more hope that I can still acheive my ideal nose. Xxoxx READ COMMENT

Always judge a surgeon by their work. Never by their word. READ COMMENT