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I Had Rhinoplasty 5 Years Ago, Could my Nose Swell Up Again?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago and because i have thick skin on my nose, i still have a swelling. i wondered if i go to have future operations that dont involve my nose (like... READ MORE

Can Surgery Change Your Eye Shape?

I feel my eyes are slightly too small and high up in my face, so i wondered can you have surgery to cut below the lower eyelid to shape them bigger and more round? im not sure... READ MORE

Is Constantly Blwoing my Nose After Rhinoplasty Normal?

I had rhinoplasty 5 years ago but as i have thick skin on my nose it took about 4 years for the main swelling go down. i still have a bit of swelling in my tip now. im not sure... READ MORE

Nose Tip is Bigger After Rhinoplasty, Why?

I had rhinoplasty on my nose when i was 18,im now 23 and its still got alot of swelling in the tip and every few months it shrinks in size a little bit and i get more definiton... READ MORE

Where on your face can you get an implant? Is it only possible over bone? (photos)

Ive included photos with the circled part i'd really want facial implants, to add volume and make my face more round but im not sure if its possible to have an implant there? READ MORE