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Nowornever, just this week I had a stitch pop up in the same area (seriously what are the chances of that?) it actually looked like a small pimple and when pressed upon rather acted like it, only had remains of stitch expelled too!!... READ COMMENT

Nowornever, Everything looks awesome! Glad to hear you are getting back to your old (improved) self. You were right in keeping things dry, moisture is not good for healing incisions (so major points to you for your actions! :-) as far... READ COMMENT

Nowornever, things look good! Yes you have some bruising & yes you have some scabs, but overall at 15 days post op on soft tissue, things look great. Stay strong and keep confidence that everything is going as expected for YOU :-) Each... READ COMMENT

Nowornever, looking great!! Glad your recovery is going so well. I laughed at your 'cold' remark :-) got a small taste if the cold (well cold for Cali) yesterday and was like "oh my". It's weird to suddenly have sensations I had years... READ COMMENT

Hard to say what is right for any individual, but I felt awesome one week after, however I did overdue it grocery shopping and paid the price with soreness for two days after. It would also depend on your job, as a RN working in the... READ COMMENT