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Fixing Asymmetrical Eyes in DFW Area? (photo)

I am very bothered (and have been for years) by my asymmetrical eyes. Some days, they look worse. Other days, it's more tolerable. At certain angles, my eyes look really uneven... READ MORE

Can I use Obagi on my face and IPL on my arms simultaneously?

I want to use Obagi again to treat my melasma (caused by two pregnancies and years of oral birth control use.) I'd also like to take care of the sun damage and flat moles on my... READ MORE

Do I have laser damage? (Photo)

I just had my first Yag (I think) laser treatment on some stubborn facial age spots and melasma. I look like a heroin addict!! My aesthician says she likes how it crusted right... READ MORE

Pockmark after lamprobe treatment?

I had a deeply-clogged pore cleared from my cheek three weeks ago and now, it appears to have left a hole. It looks like the skin around the site of the formerly clogged pore... READ MORE

Blisters after laser brown spot removal? (Photo)

I just had the Candela Gentlelase used on my arms to remove age/sun spots. Some of the bigger spots appear to have blistered. I've had the same laser used on my face and the... READ MORE