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I Have Silastic Cheek Implants(such a Disaster) - Vancouver, BC

I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants 5 months ago. After cheek implants I have following problems: • I can’t smile and laugh normally; when I smile I look like a chipmunk • The corners of my mouth drooped (upper lip changes smaller) • Implants are imbalance, right side is higher and bigger then left side. • Implants are too big on my face • The Naso- labial folds... READ MORE

Questions from Cindycandy

Can Chin Implant Changes Face Length? (photo)

My lower face length is very short. a doctor recommended to cut chin bone move forward and screw it. he also said silastic implant can’t change face’s length, it can only rai... READ MORE

SOS I Can't Bear my Chin Anymore? (photo)

My chin is so short so flat! I can't bear it anymore. I want to get a V shape. What chin meterials is my best choice? Silasic ? Medpor? Gore-tex? OR cut my chin bone make the... READ MORE

A Groove in my Chin when Pout Lips? (photo)

I have a silastic chin implant 9days ago. When i pout my lips, my left side chin will pit, like a groove. When I relax my lips, it doesn`t show. this groove in my chin will... READ MORE

About Conform Binder Submalar? (photo)

Did any doctor use the Conform Binder Submalar before? it seems very soft and small, did anybody use that before? how was the result? will be too small ? which shape of... READ MORE

Can I smile normal after cheek implant removal? (photos)

Dear doctors I am 32 years old, I have cheek implants 5 moths ago. After surgery I have following main problems I can’t smile and laugh normally; Implants are too big on my f... READ MORE

Recent comments from Cindycandy

Hey, thank you for sharing your story with me. I have the same concerns as your, I maybe will removal the implant recently. do you have any email then I can contact with you? or you can send a private massage to me. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much Angiemcc. I may remove it recently.( it depends on doctor's schedule) I will updated the information after removal. READ COMMENT

I want to take it out now, but I am really afraid that my face will sag...I will look older then before. my doctor said the removal surgery will be waited for another 4 months. T_T READ COMMENT

Same here, I smile looks so ugly now. READ COMMENT