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Just after two weeks I was able to put a small pillow slightly under the breast next to the mattress and then drape my upper arm over the top of it. Not great, but it sure helped me to sleep better. Pretty sore in the morning but... READ COMMENT

I am three weeks post-op now and I'm hoping next week is better than last. I ended up with a nasty and painful urinary tract infection. I have only had two in my entire life and I just finished a round of prophylactic antibiotics. ... READ COMMENT

It's been a few days now, MissyChrissy. How are you doing now? READ COMMENT

Re: Puckering My PS explained at great length during my consultation that he has to "pleat" the skin to make it match up and come out even at the incision. Because skin is so elastic, he said as it heals, it will smooth out to a... READ COMMENT

Re: puckering My PS went into great detail at my consultation describing how he has to "pleat" the skin to get it to come together when he sutures it. He said don't be alarmed initially as there will be puckering. Eventually,... READ COMMENT