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Artificially Lightened Skin and Chemical Peels?

If your skin has been artificially lightened (via kojic acid, hydroquinone etc.), do you become less susceptible to the possible side effects of chemical peels, and perhaps... READ MORE

Juvederm Hyperpigmentation?

Hi, I had Juvederm injected for my nasiolabial folds last week, but I believe the injector genuinely missed. The product ended up just to the left of my left fold; I thought it... READ MORE

Persisting Juvederm Lump?

I had my first juvederm injection on my nasiolabial folds almost 2 years ago. I had a lot of swelling just to the right of my right fold, and the injector admitted she may have... READ MORE

I've Read That Using Retin-a in the Long Run (For over 20 Years) is Worse Than Not Having Used It at All?

As per my question, the place I read it is is here, and I can see they'd have a marketing incentive to sell their own retinol but is there any truth to this claim? I couldn't... READ MORE