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Hi Sam, It's spelled stratum corneum and you don't grow this layer of cells, its the outermost layer of the skin that consists dead cells. This is layer of cells that helps prevents dehydration, in the process of skin cell turnover of... READ COMMENT

You are obviously not a physician. And if you are, you are obviously ignorant of the laws governing nursing in the state of AZ. This is not a forum for personal attacks. Please show some dignity. You are humiliating yourself with... READ COMMENT

Hello all, I hate to tell you all this, but you simply can not blame any practitioner for an infection if they used standard precautions and clean injection technique on your face. Injection of botox and fillers is NOT... READ COMMENT

Hello, I am a licensed aesthetic nurse and laser safety officer. I would recommend Cosmelan to all of you. It is a high concentration of hydroquinone and beta hydroxyacid facial peel that is truly fantastic for people with your... READ COMMENT

I am confused by your post. What left you with loose skin and wrinkles? Not the blepharoplasty, I'm sure. Certainly not a laser. That would only tighten your skin through proliferation and neocollagenesis. Your comment about Botox not... READ COMMENT