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11/20/12- welcome to the flat side

After 3 kids, 19,16,13 and losing 100lbs I am shedding this fat skin suit once and for all!! November 20th will be my rebirth. I can't wait to look normal again. I will have a tummy tuck, lipo in several areas, and something I didn't expect...fat injections into my flat bum. I'm calling it flat to ghetto phat! Good call, Doc. It's only been a week since I scheduled my surgery and... READ MORE

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I purchased the same bed and it was worth it. I'm 9 days PO and still using it. I tried to use pillows the other night and had to go back to the bed. The only thing I don't like is that it isn't very wide so I have to put pillows at my... READ COMMENT

Ugh! I would love to go outside for a walk. I'm still pretty hunched so after so long I have to stop and lean against something to take the weight off my back. The best I've been able to manage are laps around the house where I have... READ COMMENT

5 days PO and have the same problem. I attributed it to my CG since it was crotchless and provided no pressure there. Boy, can you say camel toe!! READ COMMENT

It took me four days and the stool softened weren't working for me either so I decided to take two womens laxatives and had a tiny one that day and diarrhea the next. I'll take the diarrhea every time. Good luck girl! Being off the pain... READ COMMENT

You look great too! You look like you're standing so straight. I'm still pretty hunched. I do this funny Steve Urkel type walk with my knees out in an almost squat position to help keep the pressure off my back so much. It's helped.... READ COMMENT