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I Have a Consultation with Dr. Oleh Slupchynsky and Was Wondering How He Was with Cheek Implants - New York, NY

Have a strong jaw but flat face and would like a more sculpted look. How is he with this? Would like a natural but noticable improvement but I am afraid that i will come out looking like Lil Kim. I am also 21 years old so I was wondering how important of a factor age is and if people as young as me have gotten implants before? READ MORE

Had rhinoplasty and small malar implants

I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. My nose isn't terrible but it could be better. I want the tip reduced basically but my fear is that it wont look natural or I will get that pinched-nose look or worse. I am a student in college and will likely have to pay for this on my own so I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on average cost, the best doctors in the NYC area and how... READ MORE

Questions from libbysoami3

Cheek Implants? (photo)

How come when I see pics of people including celebs who have gotten cheek implants they hardly ever look nice or chiseled or even natural like some the fashion models? I am... READ MORE

Combined Procedures, Lower Cost?

I am considering getting small cheek implants (maybe medium depending on what my consultation dictates) and an overall refinement of my nose/nose tip. My nose is not terrible,... READ MORE

What Are All the Procedures Megan Fox Has Done? (photo)

Besides the recent cheek augmentation that look strange in my opinion, what has she gotten done? I know her nose was done as well as her lips but her actual cheek structure... READ MORE

Cheek Implants and the Aging Process?

I am 21 and am contemplating cheek implants. I dont want anything too drastic so I would be getting the small implants if I choose to get the procedure done. My question is,... READ MORE

Examples of Underdeveloped Cheekbones?

What exactly does it mean to have underdeveloped cheekbones? Can someone post a celebrity example or something? READ MORE

Uses for Cheek Implants?

I see alot of people asking for cheek implants to restore facial volume, but what about for those looking for a sculpted look. I have a flat face and its not very chubby so I... READ MORE

Will Small Malar Cheek Implants Alleviate the Fullness in my Cheeks?

I do not want the buccal fat becuase I know it causes premature aging, however I have flat cheekbones so I am considering small malar implants (for a sculpting not filling... READ MORE

Financing, Is Care Credit a Reliable Option?

I have recently opened a CareCredit account and am planning to use it to pay for 1-2 upcoming cosmetic procedures. My main concern is that when I looked up customer reviews on... READ MORE

What Is The Small Malar Implant Healing Time?

Interested in getting small malar implants for a very, very slight natural increase in prominence and projection of my cheekbones. I have read many places that say majority of... READ MORE

What Style of Implants Should I Get for a Chiseled Look?

I am interested in getting small malar implants to add definitio and alleviate the slight fullness I have on my lower cheeks. But I am worried I will come out looking like... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Without Buccal Fat?

So I decided to get small cheek implants but my doctor during the consultation recommended I get the buccal fat. What should I do? Is there a point in getting malar implants... READ MORE

Age 21 and Wondering if I Need Buccal Fat in Addition to the Cheek Implants I Plan on Getting?

Met with a well reputed plastic surgeon and he suggested I get the buccal fat in addition to the implants I plan on getting. I would say my cheek are a little less full than... READ MORE

Just Got Rhinoplasty and Small Malar Cheek Implants Put in and Am Very Worried About the Healing Process?

Today is the 11 of May and I got the two procedures done the 9th so I know it is very early still but why is the swelling and bruising increasing? Shouldnt it decrease each... READ MORE

I want to upgrade my cheek implant size. What are the risks, costs, complications etc?

I got small malar implants 2013 and have recently been getting about 1.5 ccs in each of my cheeks for added height, definition. I love the results but would like a more... READ MORE

Does the cost of cheek implants increase if I want to get a size upgrade from the ones I have already?

I got small Malay implants about 4 years ago and I felt the results were very conservative. I have received voluma for the past two years and LOVE the results but want... READ MORE

Want revision cheek implants. Several doctors have said removing screwed-in implants is too complex. What are my other option?

I got small cheek implants (malar) about 4 years ago and I want to increase the size. I have been getting voluma and love the results but want something permanent. READ MORE

Received revision cheek implants this morning. I got a sudden painful/firm swelling only on my left side.

I had very small malar cheek implants replaced w larger ones this morning. I was fine until the evening when the left side suddenly became extremely swollen. I know it very... READ MORE

How to tell difference between normal cheek implant swelling and that which is due to infection?

I have assymetrical swelling (now 4th day since surgery) and the left side has a little blood oozing from the incision line. I got revision cheek implants done(wanted a larger... READ MORE

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Did Courtney Cox Get Cheek Implants?

I have been considering small malar implants for a sculpted look, but I was watching TV and noticed how strange courtney cox looks now compared to her younger self. It looks... READ MORE

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Do you know how thick your custom implants were? READ COMMENT

Thanks! Also what was the custom implant process? I want height fullness and projection and may consider going the custom route as well. READ COMMENT

How long did it take for you to be able go out in public without looking swollen? I am also looking into a revision Bc I got extra small and want bigger ones for more projection but taking off too long from work is tricky. Did you look... READ COMMENT

Did they end up becoming smaller? Or is this basically your final result. You look amazing! READ COMMENT

Hi, you look stunning! truly a work of art :) I just got rhinoplasty and cheek implants put in yesterday and I am experiencing some asymmetrical swelling, did you go through anything similar to this? Additionally, as far as the cheek... READ COMMENT