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8 Days Post-op Breast Implants, Left Breast Feels Different?

Originally a 34B cup and had 420cc saline smooth high profile under the muscle implants. Both breast are still very high and tight however the left is far more sensitive than... READ MORE

25 Days After Breast Implants One Breast is Larger and Harder is This Normal?

I had 420cc saline high profile under muscle implants(Im 25, 1 child, post op B cup)my left breast is slightly larger and slightly harder then my right breast? Also during my... READ MORE

Left Breast Higher and Firmer Than Right Breast 5 Weeks 2 Days Post Op?

I had 420cc High Profile saline implants under the muscle 5 wks 2 days ago (B cup before surgery hoping to acheivea full c after)and the left breast sits higher and is more... READ MORE

9 Weeks After Breast Implants Possible Infection? (photo)

Im 9 wks post op and for the past 2 wks my incisions have been opening in very small little holes and spitting sutures out my Dr said it was a suture reaction. The right breast... READ MORE

I was 9 wks post op and developed sever mastits/cellulitis. What can I expect after my Implant Removal?

I was 9 wks post op and developed sever mastits/cellulitis and was hospitalized all weekend on IV antibiotics the infection didnt show any improvement so Mon. I was scheduled... READ MORE

Implant Removal After 9 Wks?

9 wks ago I had 420cc Saline Under Muscles placed with areola incision at 7 wks post op developed suture abscess then at 9 wks post op developed mastitis I was hospitalized all... READ MORE