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2 Weeks Post-surgery. Are my Alars Swollen or Will is It the Final Shape?

Hi, Ive had a rhinopasty 2 weeks ago.. When my cast came off, my nose looked horrible.. Now when I examine my nose, I see that my alars are not proportional with my tip, just... READ MORE

I Had Accidentally Sneezed 3-4 Times Through my Nose 2 Days Post-rhinoplasty?

I had accidentaly sneezed 3-4 times through my nose 2 days post-rhinoplasty, but I hadnt any bleeding or pain.. Could this have influenced the shape of my nose? READ MORE

3 Weeks Post-op-nasal Bone?

Hi I dont know what it is but I feel something weird at my nasal bone, just next to my eye of the right side of my nose it feels like the nasal bone isn't pressed well into...... READ MORE

I Am 1 Month Post-op. Is Everything OK with my Nose, Possible That I Have Shifted Some Grafts?

Hi I am very worring about my new nose, I am very afraid that I have maybe caused something that has affected my result.. Is that possible that I have shifted something? It... READ MORE

Just After the Rhinoplasty is Done, at the Operation Room, Just Before You Put on the Cast, Stiches Etc.

Hi I was wondering if, just after the rhinoplasty is done, at the operation room, just before you put on the cast, stiches etc., do the surgeons see what the final shape be... READ MORE

1 Month Post-rhinoplasty, Open Rhinoplasty?

Hello I have undergone open rhinoplasty, 1 month ago, after the cast came off and my tip was turned up, my doctor said that it would droop with time, it has drooped down but,... READ MORE

1 Month Post-rhinoplasty, Light Trauma?

Hi I have undergone open septorhinoplasty 5 weeks ago.. It develops very good, in positive way.. I have had a light clap on my nose tip, a friend had touched my forehead and I... READ MORE

What Will Affect the Results of a Nose Job?

Hi I wanted to know what will affect the results of a nose job... Will high blood pressure or accidentaly sneezing through nose affect the results or will it just cause... READ MORE

Accidentaly Sneezed Through Nose 40 Days Post-septorhinoplasty?

Hi I had an open septorhinoplasty 40 days ago, and I have sneezed through my nose instead of my mouth, should I be worried about the results of my nose? I am very concerned, am... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post-op Septhorinoplasty, Sneezed Several Times Through Nose?

Hi I had 7 weeks ago a septorhinoplasty, everything is fine, my nose begins to look more nice and defined day after day, but I am all the time concerned about a problem.. I had... READ MORE

Crooked Nose Tip or Uneven Swollen Nose Tip, 8 Weeks Post-septorhinoplasty?

Hi I am concerned about my nose tip, 8 weeks after rhinoplasty, the tip looks like it is slightly, maybe 1mm, crooked to the left side.. Will this stay like that, or is that... READ MORE

Thick Nose Wings or Swollen Nose Wings, 2 Month Post-open-septorhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi 2 months ago I had open septorhinoplasty done and also an alar base reduction, the overall of my nose is fine, but my nose wings are very ugly, it seems unproportional with... READ MORE

I had a septorhinoplasty 5 months ago, I've been told I might have a spicule. Will it go away?

Hi It has been 5 months that I had post-open=rhinoplasty, and I didn't have any trauma on my nose, just at the end of the second month a slight touch.Anyway, when you look at... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Get Jaw Surgery After Rhinoplasty?

Hi I have heard you can get problems with your sinuses and nasal septum when you get jaw surgery.... Would that be a problem if your rhinoplasty was 2 years ago? And if you get... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Get Otoplasty 6 Months Before a Jaw Surgery?

Hi I have heard you can get problems with your sinuses and nasal septum when you get jaw surgery.... Would that be a problem if your rhinoplasty was 2 years ago? And if you get... READ MORE

Are the Positioning of my Ears Related to my Wrong Standing Upper Jaw?

Hi I have been to an orthodontist because I have problems with my teeth, and he told me that I'll need a jaw surgery... Now, I was wondering, my ears are also kind of... READ MORE

Lowering Upper Jaw?

Hi I have an appointment with an maxillofacial surgeon, and my problem is that my upper teeth aren't visible when I smile and talk. So, I think my upper jaw needs to be... READ MORE

One Eye is More Close-set Than the Other, is This Because of my Uneven Jaws?

Hi, I begin with an orthognatic procedure next month, I had already an appointment with an maxillofacial surgeon who told me that my upper jaw is not even with my lower jaw, so... READ MORE

Palatal Expansion, Facial Changes?

Hi I need to get my upper jaw expanded, there will be placed a smile distractor on my palate and needs to be screwed open every day for about 10 days, to make it as big as my... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery, Will my Nose Change After Lowering and Bringing Forward the Upper Jaw?

Hi First my upper jaw will get expanded because it's too narrow, after that I will get braces for 2 years and than my upper jaw will get down and forward but very slightly; not... READ MORE

How Will my Slightly Close-set Eyes Look After Expanding the Upper Jaw?

Hi I am going to undergo a surgery for expanding my upper jaw by a palatal expander. I have slightly close-set eyes, will my eyes look more close-set when my upper jaw widens?... READ MORE

Is it possible to have radix reduction after rhinoplasty?

Hi I would like to know if a thick/high radix can be corrected/reducted 2 years after rhinoplasty, without adjusting the others parts of the nose. Just the radix is bothering... READ MORE

I have braces and will be getting jaw surgery soon. What can you tell about my x-rays? (photos)

Hi I am wearing braces for 1 year now, and I am going to get double jaw surgery soon. What can you tell about my x-rays. Thanks READ MORE

2 weeks ago, I had orthognathic surgery. The goal was a beautiful smile. The same asymmetry is still existing. Swelling?

Hi 2 weeks ago, I had double jaw surgery. The goal was a beautiful smile. My bite is perfect now (as the surgeon told me), but I am still wearing elastics. What is bothering me... READ MORE