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Have You Ever Heard of Someone Having the Seeds Come out of the Face After Sculptra? (photo)

I had a. Mini facelift in 2009. ABout eight months later I was having problems with breaking out only in the areas the sculptra was injected. It's not like the lumps people... READ MORE

I had Sculptra injections. Grandulumas, swelling and pain. I was injected during a mini facelift. Would this cause neg result?

I have a mini facelift, chemical peel, corners of mouth turned up and lipo neck at the same time. I Have RA, been on steroids 7years and WAS a smoker at that time. I told... READ MORE

Help me find a doctor who treats adverse effects from Sculptra?

6 years ago had Sculptra injected having a mini facelift & 3 other procedures. I've been fighting the granulomas for 5.5 years now. Started on face. In the last six months they... READ MORE

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Dru11, I got a pathology report from JH stating it is Sculptra coming out of me. Of course I knew it, my doctor knew it, but to get a path report with concrete evidence is what I've been trying to get for 7 years. Hope everything is... READ COMMENT

I've seen on a few sites where the word bio film keeps coming up associated with Sculptra. Do yo know about infection? READ COMMENT

Could not agree more!! READ COMMENT

I had it in 2009. It's everywhere on me. Mine has migrated through my body. First it was face. Then neck, breast, stomach, legs, tops of feet and my back. I can tell when an area is going to break open by the madding itching I have. I... READ COMMENT

I do have lumps. The problem I have is they are breaking open and the grandulumas are visible and painful! READ COMMENT